How to Connect Blitzen and with a Webhook

One use of the webhook feature in the Workflow Builder is to allow you to sync form submissions from Blitzen to for group or committee review.

This articles assumes you have prior knowledge of both Blitzen and Before you begin, feel free to brush up on your basics  here. To use this webhook you first need to have created a form in Blitzen (How to Create a Form). Having submissions is not a pre-requisite. 

Step 1: Connect the to Blitzen (one-time task)

Log into and click your name in the top right corner, in the drop-down go to system administration.

Then go into the 'Integrations' tab and click 'Show Details' next to the Blitzen name.

You will then be asked to login with your  Blitzen credentials including your subdomain, email, and password. Watch out for auto-filled credentials by your browser as you may need to fully type out your email and password. Click 'Update'

The light beside the Blitzen should turn green and it should say 'On'. If this did not occur please check your credentials and try again. If you have forgotten your subdomain or password see this article.

Step 2: Create or Update Workflow Categories in

In this step we are going to update categories used in the review process to reflect the new submissions.

If this is the first time you have integrated a Blitzen form please create a new workflow first. See  this article for information. (Please note that 'Workflows' used to be called 'Portfolios'.) Once you do that, you are ready to update workflow categories. 

Go to the 'Workflows' tab in the top bar and click 'edit' on the workflow you wish to update.

A window will pop up. Click on the 'Categories' tab.

The reason we may need to update workflow categories is because the existing categories may not reflect the Blitzen form fields we are trying to integrate. 

To see which categories we need to update, check out the Blitzen form you've created and look at the fields. If they do not fit in the existing categories, just add new categories or update existing ones. This is just like creating buckets for your Blitzen form data to flow into. Use this menu to edit, delete, or add new categories:

Click 'save'.

Step 3: Import Submissions

In this step we will map the fields from the Blitzen form to review categories.

Go to the 'Workflow' tab and click 'Import submissions'.

You will then be taken to the page where the magic happens!  

First you will be asked to choose the desired workflow. 

Then you will be asked to choose the submission source. Click 'Add Blitzen Source'.

Use the menu to select the Blitzen form you wish to integrate into

Click 'Select Form'

You will then have to map the Blitzen form fields to the categories in the 'Review Layout' section.

Just drag and drop the fields into the applicable category boxes. A field can go into the layout as many times as needed and you can put multiple fields into the same category. For example a name might go into  'Quickview' as well as the 'Contact' sections. 

Once you have got the mapping to your liking scroll down to the 'Save & Import' section.

Give this template a name and click either 'Save Layout & Import Submissions' to sync a form with existing submissions, or 'Save Layout with Webhook Endpoint' to only sync future / forthcoming submissions. (The last option is for those of you who do not have any submissions yet).

If you click 'Save Layout & Import Submissions' the Blitzen form submissions will automatically sync to your account. 

Nice work, your journey ends here.

If you click 'Save Layout with Webhook Endpoint' there's one more step for you. will then generate a unique URL (endpoint) which Blitzen will know to send future data to. To find this URL go to 'Workflows' > 'Edit' (desired workflow) > 'Blitzen' tab. Copy this URL.

(Last Step!) Step 4: Create a Workflow in Blitzen

In this step we will send the data from the Blitzen form to the endpoint (URL) we generated above. We do this through a workflow. If you already have an existing workflow just update it (skip to the configure step).

Navigate to the  ‘Workflows’ section in the left-side panel.

Click  ‘Create new workflow’ and give it a catchy name.

At the top of the right panel, select an input. This must be the form you wish to integrate with



Drag the webhook app into your workflow and click the '+' to configure.

A text-box will pop up where you can paste the URL we generated in 

Choose the option "Post as x-www-form-urlencoded".

Changes will save automatically. Now any new submission from this form should go directly into

To sync older submissions click  ‘Sync Data’ in the top right corner of the page.


Great job! 

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