How Users Can Access Saved Forms

If the  Save Progress feature enabled, users will be able to answer the form in parts. 

This article will show you how a user can save their progress and return to the form at a later date.

How Users Can Save their Progress

This capability is only available on forms where 'Save Progress' feature is enabled (How to enable Save Progress)

Anytime users access the form they will be able to click the 'Save Progress' button in the bottom right corner of the form.

Once 'Save Progress' is clicked you will notice that a new unique URL is generated in the address bar.

Bookmark this page to access the saved copy at a later date. 

Alternatively, you can have this URL emailed to you by clicking the pop-up that will appear in the bottom right corner.

Anytime you access this URL the most recent version of the form answers will appear. Any changes will be saved automatically.


If you have lost the unique form URL don't despair! Simply open the original form link in the same browser (chrome, firefox, safari etc.) and the most recent version should upload automatically.

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