How to Measure Blitzen Form Submissions with Google Tag Manager

This article assumes you are comfortable with using Google Tag Manager and already have the tracking code deployed. If you have no tags set up yet  read this article to get started. The following tutorial will show you how to:

  1. Enable 'Click ID' variable to measure submit button clicks.
  2. Create a 'Trigger' specifically for Blitzen form submissions. 
  3. Assign the trigger to an existing tag (Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.)
  4. Link your Blitzen form with your Google Tag Manager

Let's get started.

Enable Click ID Variable

Go into your tag manager and navigate to the 'Variables' section accessible from the left-side panel.

Scroll down to the 'Clicks' section and check the box for 'Click ID'

Create a Trigger for Blitzen Form Submissions

Go into the 'Triggers' section, accessible from the left-side panel and click 'New'

Give this trigger a name such as 'Form Submit Click'

Choose 'Click' as the event and 'All Elements' as the target.

For the 'Fire on' choose 'Some clicks'

A set of three drop-downs will appear. Choose 'Click ID' in the first drop-down, 'equals' in the second, and type the phrase 'blitzen-form-submit' in the third.

Click 'Create Trigger'

Assign the Trigger to an Existing Tag

Go to the 'Tags' section accessible from the left-side panel.

Enter an existing tag. 

Scroll down to the 'Fire on' section and select 'Click'.

A pop-up will appear. Select the trigger you just created. In our case it was the Form Submit Click.

Click 'Save'

And then click 'Save Tag'.

Only one more step to go!

Connect your Blitzen Form to your Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Login to your Blitzen Account and enter into the form you wish to connect to GTM. This is done on a form-by-form basis. There is no way (yet) to do it for all forms at once. 

Once you are in your form go to the 'Publishing' tab. 

Scroll down in the right panel until you find 'Google Tag Manager'

Paste in your GTM code which can be found at the top of your GTM page.

Form changes will save automatically.

Now every time someone submits that form you will be able to see it in your Tag's analytics.

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