Best Practices on Embedding Forms in Blogs

Forms are especially effective at engaging users. This article will show you how to embed forms on Squarespace, Wix, and Wordpress.

To start, you will need a form embed code (a block of code used to implant a form on a page). Looks a little something like this: 

You do not need to know what the code means, all you need to know is how to copy and paste

Where to Find it in Blitzen

Access the desired form   (How to Access a Form) and go to the 'Publishing' tab. In the left-side panel you will see the 'Embed Code'.

Copy the Code

Now you're ready to put it on your blog

How it's done in Squarespace

(Difficulty level: Super simple)
Create a new blog post or use an existing one. 
Hover beneath your content to add a content block. Click on the raindrop shape on the left when it appears.

Click the ‘Embed’ option.

Click on the source code button on the right

Paste your embed code in the box. And click ‘Set’

And there you have it!

How it's Done in Wix 

(Difficulty level: Even simpler than Squarespace)
Create a new blog post or use an existing one. 
Click on the ‘</> html’ button in the top bar

Paste your embed code into the text-box and click ‘Update’

And there it is!

How it's Done in Wordpress 

(Difficulty level: Not too bad)
BUT!There are some limitations…
Try this first: open the blog and paste your code in the ‘text-editor’

If this doesn’t work for you it’s because some themes are not compatible with this method. 
If this is the case, you will have add a widget or download a plugin to embed any type of code.

Embedding a Form in a Widget  

(Difficulty level: Easy)
Login to Wordpress Admin and navigate to the ' Appearance' tab, where you will find 'Widgets'

Scroll through your list of available widgets to find ‘Text’ and assign it to appear on your blog.
Copy and paste the embed code into the text- area and press ‘Save’

THE DOWNSIDE is that this form will now appear on every single page of your blog like so:

This is just how widgets work. If you want to embed unique forms right into your blog content you will need to download a plugin 

WHY? Because most forms require javascript code (a type of language) that Wordpress does not allow you to embed without a plugin or widget.

If you are a free-tiered user

i.e. if you have a site. Unfortunately, you will NOT be able to do this because you cannot upload the necessary plugins. Hopefully, Wordpress will come up with a solution for this problem soon.  Read more about it here

If you are hosting your own site 

i.e. if you have domain you will be able to do this.
(Difficulty level: Hard)  
This requires knowledge of plugins and developing skills. We do not recommend doing this without IT support.
Follow the installation instructions

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