How to Make a Customer Satisfaction Survey

A customer satisfaction survey, also sometimes called a Net Promoter Score™ is one great way to measure engagement. It allows the customer to tell you how happy they are with an aspect of your business.

Although you can make a satisfaction scale in many different ways, today we will show you how to do it as a numerical scale. 

How its Done in Blitzen

Create a new form ( how to create a new form

Give it a name like "Rate our service / product / anything you want rated"

In the form description write some guidelines on how to use the rating scale. So it will look a little something like this:

Then drag in a drop-down field

And add all of the options. In our example we will include all of the numbers from 0 - 10.

To edit the field simply click on it and write the options in the available text boxes For help editing fields see  this article.

The result should look a little something like this:

Notice that in our example there is no field name. (A field name would normally appear above the field / question). The decision to have one there comes down completely to personal preference. If you want to remove the field name go into the  'Labels, Instructions, & Placeholders' dropdown and un-check the box which says 'Add Label Text'.

To add it back, simply check the box.

Click  'Close Me' to save and close.

Great work!

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