What Blitzen Form Elements Can Be Styled with CSS?

Almost all of the elements on a form can be styled.

Here is a handy list of some elements you'll style most often

Selector name Where it is found Most Used Values Type of Selector 
body This is the under-layer to the entire form background, margins, 
Tag (element)
#form-submit canvas This is the layer atop the form body padding, margins ID
header - form header size, margins, padding Tag (element)
hr - horizontal lines size, color Tag (element)
h1 (header 1) - form title color, text, size Tag (text)
h4 (header 4) - form field label 
- thank-you message
color, text, size Tag (text)
h5 (header 5) - form description under title color, text, size Tag (text)
.traditional where traditional form-fields are used size, background, padding, margins Class
.small - word count 
- progress bar
color, text, size Class (text)
.material-input.traditional input, .material-input.traditional textarea, 
.material-textarea.traditional input, .material-textarea.traditional textarea
This combination of classes targets the areas where people input text answers on the form. size, color, margin, padding Class
.brand-logo This is the custom header image size Class (image)
.form-field-instructions-stacked - field instructions 
- description field
color, text, size Class (text)
.form-description - form description color, text, size Class (text)
.submit-container This contains the submit button all Class 
.form-button - submit button 
- progress bar
all Class (button)
.form-footer This is the 'Form provided by Blitzen' footer display Class

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