How to Add a Background Image to your Form

Access your form, go into the Design tab, and scroll down until your see Custom Background Image.

Paste in the URL of your image and voila! You should get something that looks like this:

Things to consider

  • The more complicated the background, the more it will compete with your form
  • Form colors may need to be changed to match the new background. This can be done here.
  • Background images work best on forms that are shorter: i.e. single-page inline forms, pop-overs, and slide-ups
  • Images will stretch, depending on form size, so higher resolution is often better

Some Background Images to get you Started

Useful CSS properties for Styling Backgrounds

For anything you can't style in our design menu, you can style with  cascading style sheets.

Here are some CSS properties. These will be attached to the body HTML tag

background-size - the default size is :cover;

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