How to Make a Gated Content Form

You're creating amazing content, and you shouldn't be giving it away for nothing. Whitepaper, infographic, or any other resource downloads are a great opportunity to capture leads. This is why you want a gated content form.

What's a gated content form?

A form which asks a website visitor to divulge information about themselves in return for a resource (usually a PDF download). Name and email are standard things to ask for, some companies require phone numbers, postal codes etc. Depending on how great your resource is, you might be able to get away with it.

This is what a gated content form looks like:

Are you ready to build your own?

How to Get Started

STEP 1: Create a form, ask for the most important information (name and email to start). How to create a form

STEP 2: Go into the Design tab and scroll down in the right panel until you see the section on Completion Text

STEP 3: Check the box which says "Redirect user to an external resource (URL) upon form completion"

In the text box, paste in the URL link to your resource. If you do not yet have a URL, host you document with a tool like Docsend - it's free and easy to use!

That's all you need. Publish that form and start getting leads!

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