How to Use Segments

Segments are used for organizing contacts into lists based on common attributes. These segments can then be sent to your sales and marketing apps and automations where appropriate.

When a contact comes into the Blitzen app we search the web to give you more information about them. The enriched data include interests, company info, and social media profiles (find this in your contact information). More information allows you to segment leads with greater accuracy.  Read our blog about it here.

How it’s Done

Once you are in the ‘Contacts’ section (accessible from the left-side panel) head over to the segments tab and click ‘Create New Segment’ - give it a good name.

From here you will either use rule setting to sort contacts into lists or you will  manually add contacts to lists.

Rule Setting

Choose between Contact Info, Company Info, Lead Score, Forms, Mailchimp campaigns, ReplyApp campaigns, or Salesforce variables from the first dropdown to start building a rule. Then choose the qualifiers to sort the contacts by. 

In this example we want to group together all of the contacts whose company has an Alexa website ranking higher than 100000. I would want to have these individuals in a list together so I can send them a special lead nurturing campaign for example.

The rule will autosave and if you refresh the page you will see the segment populate with existing leads if they fit the criteria. It’s as easy as that.

Blitzen uses dynamic segmentation to sort your leads meaning that every time a form is filled out by someone who fits your segment criteria (or you manually add that contact), an entry will be created within that segment. Segments do not expire so the process of sorting goes on until you disable the rule  (How to Disable the Rule) or delete the segment (How to Delete a Segment).

Note**Your contacts will not know that they have been placed in a segment.

Manually moving contacts into lists

See this article.

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