Learn More about Show and Hide Logic

When you have a form or survey with more than one field, you have the option of using Show and Hide.

Show and Hide works by setting conditions in a way that fields are displayed or hidden based on responses to previous questions.

This feature allows you to tailor your surveys to individuals - asking them to answer the questions that only pertain to them. A personalized form helps you better engage with your respondents and decreases drop-off rate.

How it works:

STEP 1: Create the field you want your conditional field(s) to be based on. (How to add a field.) This works best with multiple choice, checkbox, dropdown, or Likert scale fields, but it can work with others as well. In our example we ask ‘Do you currently use marketing automation software?’Are you currently using a marketting automation software.png

STEP 2: Add the conditional field you want to display or hide. In our example we ask ‘What marketing automation are you using?’

What software are you using.png

STEP 3: Click on the drop down beneath the field that says ‘Show and Hide’.

STEP 4: Use the three dropdown menus to choose:

  1. If you want this field to be shown or hidden
  2. The question this action will be based on
  3. The response that will trigger the action

In our example we would like to ‘Show’ the field if the answer to ‘Do you currently use a marketing automation software’ Is ‘Yes’. By setting this rule, we target only those who actually use marketing software. Posing the question to those who answered ‘No’ is an unnecessary step.

Click ‘Close me’ to save.

This is how a user will see this new form:

Notice how the second question appears only when the answer to the first question is 'Yes'.

You can create multiple rules as long as you add more fields and you can even make rules based on groups.

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