How to Connect an Application

Integrations allow you to push your form data to your marketing automation and CRM tools. Before you do this you must connect the application you want to send data to. 

Navigate to the ‘Integrations’ section of the website and click on the desired app.

In the right-side panel click ‘Connect’.


You will be directed to log in with your existing credentials from that application. You will then be asked to give Blitzen permission to access the app. Don’t worry, we won’t mess with the stuff that’s already there!

Finally, make sure that the app is on by moving the app slider to ‘On’.

If, for any reason, you would like to disable this app, just move the slider to ‘Off’ or disconnect it all together (How to Disconnect an App).

*Note to integrate with an app you first need to have an account with that application. For example, to integrate with Google Sheets, I would first need to have a google account.

Don’t see an application you need? Request it  (How to Request an App)

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