How to Use the Slack Integration

The Slack integration allows you to post a message to a Slack board every time a blitzen form or survey is submitted. Note, to use this integration you first need to have a Slack account.

How it’s done:

Connect your Slack Account to Blitzen

Navigate to the ‘Integrations’ section in the left-side panel and click on the ‘Slack’ app.

Click ‘Connect’ in the right-side panel.

You will be directed to log in with your existing credentials and asked to give Blitzen permission to access the app. Don’t worry, we won’t mess with the stuff that’s already there!

Make sure that the app is on by moving the app slider to ‘On’

If, for any reason, you would like to disable this app, just move the slider to ‘Off’ or disconnect it all together  (How to Disconnect App).

Create a Workflow with the Slack App

Navigate to the ‘Workflow’ section in the left-side panel and create a new workflow (How to Create Workflow). You can also edit an existing workflow.

Choose a form or survey to work from  (How to Choose an Input)

input.pngConfigure Slack

Drag the Slack App over into your workflow as an output. Configure the app by clicking the ‘+’ icon.

First you will see filter options.

The default setting is to sync all submissions from the input form or survey. If that is not what you wish to do simply add filters. Click ‘Add custom filter’ and use the three fields to create a segment.

You are able to create any number of filters, just make sure they do not contradict each other. filters.png

To delete a filter simply click on the ‘x’ icon in the right corner. delete-filter.png

You will then be asked to choose the destination channel your submissions will be sent to. 

First you must decide whose credentials to use, then you will choose the channel posts will be sent to. If you do not see the correct Slack channel in the dropdown, it is possible that your channel is set to  ‘private’. Blitzen can only reach public channels.

Finally you can use the mapping tool to specify the information you wish to be sent to the Slack channel. In our example we add a friendly reminder in text form. 

The changes will be saved automatically and now every time someone submits this form or survey your Slack Channel will receive a message such as this one:

Great Job!

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