How to Link to a Specific Field on a Form

Each field has a special id that can be used to locate it on a page. This article will show you how to find that id and create a unique URL to use as a link.

1. Find the ID

Open up the form (How to Preview Form) and hover over the field you wish to link to with your mouse.

Right click on the field and hit  'Inspect'

This should bring up a page inspector at the bottom of your browser. Hover over the divs (notice that every time you hover over one it will highlight different parts of the page). Do this until it highlights the whole block that is your field. Copy the div id of this field by clicking on it in the inspector. You may have to expand some divs to find it.

The div id should be a string of letters and numbers like so - '73ded1628d4af8e627bedc781dced3'

We will have to add this into our URL.

2. Create a Unique URL

URL Primer

Let’s brush up on your  understanding of URLs. A URL, otherwise known as a Web Site Address has up to five main parts in the following order: protocol, host, path, query string, and fragment.

We will be focusing on the fragment.

 It is important to note that fragments do not change the look of a page. All they do is attach extra information to the URL.

The fragment is identified by a hashtag and a hash (the div id, which we already have). So now all we need is to put the two together. 

First we grab the form URL. Go to the  ‘Forms’ section in Blitzen and navigate to your desired form.

In the right panel, below the form name, there will be a link to your form. Copy that address.

To this we add a '#' and the div id. The unique URL will look something like this:

This URL will link to the specific field within that form.

Try it now!

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