What is Average Time?

Average time is measured only on submitted forms i.e. if a user visited the form and did not click submit, the average time is not reported.

  • Average time for forms is measured from the second the page is opened until the user clicks ‘Submit’.
  • Average time for fields is measured from the second they click into the field to when they click into another field.

What is a good average time?

This will completely depend on the type of fields you include and the purpose of your form. Paragraph-long questions take longer than multiple choice; a census form that spans over multiple pages will take longer than a contact form...etc. If you notice the average time going over 20 minutes in a long survey consider reformatting - this is when attention span really starts to drop.

To optimize your forms and surveys consider the following advice from Survey Monkey:

  • Surveys that take longer than 8 minutes have higher abandonment rates.
  • Longer surveys work better in a work setting rather than a customer setting
  • People lose interest quickly. On average, respondents spend just over a minute on the first questions and a total of 5 minutes on a survey of 10 questions.
  • Including more questions means respondents will spend less time on each individual question


Source: https://www.surveymonkey.com/blog/2011/02/14/survey_completion_times/

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