How to Make an Exit Intent Form

Exit intent forms are the pop-ups you see when you're just about to leave a page. A snippet of javascript code tracks the motion on your page and offers up the form just before you close the browser window. 

You can now easily create these forms with Blitzen!

How it's done

Enter the form you wish to make your exit intent form  (How to Access a Form) and go to the 'Design' tab

Scroll down in the right-side panel to where you see the 'form type' options. Click the 'Pop-over' option and check the box that says 'Only show form if a user is about to leave the page'.

If you only want the user to see this form once you can also check this box: 

Now to add this form to your webpage, paste the  embed code into your page source and you're in business! 

Theory behind a great intent form

In essence an exit intent form is an average form but it has a different purpose - to grab the customer's attention one last time and re-engage a potentially lost lead. 

But not all exit intent forms work. What makes the ones that do work different? 

The answer is simple: a great intent form gives customers something they want.  Let's imagine that someone came to your website, perused your content, but didn't do what you wanted them to, whether it's registering for a newsletter, buying a product, etc. Let's first consider why they might be leaving. 

  1. They were done reading and had nothing more to do on the webpage
  2. The content did not give them the information they were looking for
  3. They couldn’t find the product they were looking for
  4. Customer is not ready to buy because they are in the research phase
  5. They got distracted and forgot what they were doing
  6. Customer is not ready to pay that much for the product
  7. Your product doesn’t do what the customer needs


For each of these occasions there is an appropriate exit intent form to match. Unfortunately we can never know exactly why someone is leaving a page, but depending on the context, we can make a pretty good guess. Knowing this, we can offer them something enticing.

A product page would be perfect for a coupon code pop-up; a blog page is a good place for a newsletter signup, etc.  Most importantly it should be short and sweet.

Consider this when you are creating your own exit intent form.

Thanks for reading!

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