How to Use Mail Merge

Mail merge allows you to send mail to your respondents directly from Blitzen without having to tie in any external applications. This feature could be used to thank your respondents, send them any additional information, nurture leads etc.

The only prerequisite to using the mail merge is that your respondents leave their email in a form or survey. You can ensure this occurs by adding an email field into your form and making it required  (How to Make a Field Required).

How it’s done:

STEP 1 Create a workflow.


STEP 2 Choose an input, make sure that it is one where respondents left their email addresses.input.png

STEP 3 Drag the mail merge app over to the workflow.

STEP 3 Configure the mail merge by clicking the ‘+’ icon on the

A series of options will become visible.

The default setting is to send an email to all respondents from the indicated input. If that is not what you wish to do simply add filters to segment email recipients you do wish to send to.

Click ‘Add custom filter’ and use the three fields to create a segment to send the email to.

You are able to create any number of filters, just make sure they do not contradict each other. filters.png

To delete a filter simply click on the ‘x’ icon in the right corner. delete-filter.png

Then you will be asked to fill out a number of fields pertaining to the email itself.

In the ’To’: field use the drop down to select ‘Email’. (Or whatever you named your email field).email.png

Although you can make the ‘Subject’ field anything you like, we suggest that you mention the form or survey. Recipients are more likely to open an email when they see a subject line that relates to them. A good example would be: ‘Thanks for filling out our form!’

The ‘CC’, and ‘BCC’ options work exactly the same as email. We suggest you use the ‘CC’ option sparingly because recipients will not be expecting you to share their contact information with anyone else.

Next, you are able to specify who the email is from. The ‘From Name’ will let your recipient know that the email is written by a real person.

The 'From Email' field is by default. If you want to change this, please send us an email to

The final step is writing your email. The formatting options allow you to customize your message and the buttons on the left side allow you to merge in respondents’ unique details they shared in your form or survey. By personalizing your mail, you can add a human touch and allow your recipients to feel as though they are receiving mail written specifically for them.

Every time a user makes a submission to that form or survey, they will now receive an email.

Well done!

If you wish to change anything just re-enter the workflow and make adjustments as needed. To stop the workflow simply unpublish the form  (How to Unpublish a Form) or delete the mail merge app from your workflow (How to Delete App).

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