How to Import Mailchimp Behavioral Data into Blitzen

Before this feature existed, the only thing you could do with Mailchimp is push contact data gathered through Blitzen forms to a subscriber list in Mailchimp. Now you can also pull behavioral data from Mailchimp. (Things like click and open rates).

Why is this cool?

Because it helps you know more about your customers! This is especially important when you are building customer profiles. The current integration helps you pull in clicks and opens from your Mailchimp campaigns - showing you how engaged your leads are with your marketing material. This insight will allow you to make better decisions on how to proceed with leads and qualify them more accurately for your sales team. 

How it's done in Blitzen

The first thing you need to do is integrate your Mailchimp account. Follow the steps in  this article.

If you have already done this, you do not need to do it a second time. 

Then head over to the 'Integrations' section accessible from the left-side menu.

Click on the Mailchimp box so it is highlighted and look at the rightmost panel.

There you will see an option to 'Opt-in' to the behavioral data in the bottom right hand corner. This will not impact your subscribers. Make sure this slider is set to 'On'.

This tells Blitzen to pull all campaign data from your Mailchimp account and cross-reference it with the contact list you have in Blitzen. The Status Bar in the bottom right corner will notify of the progress.

The contact list is accessible in the left-side menu. Just hit 'Contacts'.

If any of your contacts have been part of a Mailchimp campaign, Blitzen will add their Mailchimp analytics to their profile. See  this article for help on seeing customer profiles.

Blitzen pulls this data after you choose to 'Opt-in' and subsequently updates the data every two hours. There may be a delay fo up to a half hour the first this is done and will take longer if you have a lot of campaigns.

Where these Mailchimp analytics can be found

Go into any customer profile ( how to access a contact) and enter into the 'Behavior' section 

There, you will see the number of Mailchimp campaigns this contact has been a part of as well as the number of time they opened and clicked through the campaigns. 

What can I do with this information?

You can use this information to create  lead scoring rules as well as segments.

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