What are Workflows?

A workflow is a powerful tool you can use to keep your data up to date across your sales stack. For small businesses, this might mean funneling leads into your CRM, or keeping a current list of contacts for email nurturing. Basically, workflows allow you to pull and push data in and out of Blitzen. 

What you can pull into Blitzen

What you can push from Blitzen

  • Contact information
  • Enriched data (What's this?)
  • Data you collect on forms

Each of our integrations will allow different data points to be pushed or pulled. Some integrations are more sophisticated than others. Currently, our Salesforce integration has the most capability, supporting custom as well as linking objects. To find out what each of the integrations does check out the Integrations section and click on each of the tools. A small description will appear on the right.

Building workflows is quite simple and follows this formula:

  • Integrate a tool
  • Create a workflow
  • Choose a trigger (this can be a form or a segment)
  • Choose an action.

This article will go into detail about each of the above.

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