How to Make a Webinar Sign-up Form

You've got something to say, you want leads, and you're going to offer a webinar. You need an enticing form to get people to sign-up. Maybe something like this:

We're going to take you through a step-by-step of how to get this done.

STEP 1: Create a form (how to create a form). Name it anything you like - we will be hiding the form name anyway so it doesn't matter much.

Go to the Builder tab.

STEP 2: Drag in three Description fields and one Email field. Fill the description fields with some copy. For now they are all going to be the same size, but we will change that with CSS.

Give the middle Description field a Custom Class by clicking on it, going into the Design menu and checking the box 'Add Custom CSS rules'. Give it the class big-description like so:

The reason for doing this will become apparent shortly.

Go to the Design tab

STEP 3: Find a killer image online and get its URL. Pixabay is a fantastic resource. Paste that URL into the Custom Background Image textbox. If you want to use the one above use this URL:

STEP 4: Choose your form colors. If you are using a dark image, make them lighter, if you're using a light image make them dark.

STEP 5: Change the Submit button text to something more interesting like 'Claim your spot', 'Go!', 'I want to learn' etc.

STEP 6: Make sure the checks at the bottom of the Design tab menu mimic this:

Un-check 'Show Title', check 'Use Traditional Form Fields', check Full Width Inputs', uncheck 'Show Progress Bar'.

STEP 7: Upload this CSS document  to where it says Upload CSS File.

Preview your form.

NEXT STEPS: Embed the form on your website.

Awesome work!

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