How to Make your Form Slide Up From the Bottom of a Webpage

Slide-up forms appear in the bottom right corner of your website and are ideal for delivering customer feedback surveys. Use this template to capture voice-of-customers insights from visitors on your website.

Access the form you wish to change  (How to Access a Form).

Click on the ‘Design’ tab in the middle panel.

Scroll down to find ‘Form Type’ in the right panel and click on the ‘Slide Up’ option.


Once you choose this option you will be able to set a timed delay by checking the box ‘Set Slide-up Delay’ and inputting an appropriate number of seconds.


If you only want the user to see this form once you can also check this box: 

Preview the form instantly in the window above the templates.

If you wish to modify the template further, you can  upload a custom CSS file.

To make this form appear on your webpage you will need to paste the form  embed code into its source code.

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